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Canadian Public Health Association

The Canadian Public Health Association speaks on behalf of Canada's public health community on issues of critical importance to the health and well-being of Canadians and people around the world. Members give the Association unparalleled credibility, direction and authority, as well as expertise and human resources, both nationally and internationally. In return, the Association provides members with an opportunity to advocate for evidence-informed policy alternatives.

Members include public health professionals working in policy, practice and research as well as students/trainees and other individuals committed to supporting public health and health equity.

Membership is open to any individual who subscribes to our vision and mission and is engaged or interested in public health and health equity. There are no organizational memberships.

Membership Category

You may choose to be a member of the Canadian Public Health Association (direct membership) or of both the Canadian Public Health Association and a provincial/territorial public health association (conjoint membership). Individuals residing outside of Canada must choose the Direct button.

These are the membership categories:

  • Regular
  • Student (for full time, post-secondary students)
  • Career-in-transition (for people early in their career, newly-arrived in Canada, under- or unemployed, or otherwise living on a reduced income)
  • Retired
  • International (for non-residents of Canada)


Direct membership applies to an individual who chooses to be a member of the Canadian Public Health Association.

Individuals residing outside of Canada should select this option and indicate their country of residence when prompted.

Conjoint membership applies to an individual who chooses to be a member of the Canadian Public Health Associations and of one of the following (Provincial or Territorial) associations.
Please ensure the radio button is selected for both the CPHA *and* the provincial or territorial options.

Select conjoint membership for your province or territory of residence.
Please ensure the radio button is selected.

Total Amount
Personal Details
Choose your country first if you are not in Canada.
For student memberships, please provide your student ID number.
Phone number and extension, e.g. 000-123-4567 Ext 890
- 1 - Weekly Update
Weekly newsletter sent each Tuesday | Mise à jour hebdomadaire envoyée chaque mardi
- - 2 - Public Health Initiatives
Monthly newsletter sent mid-month | Bulletin mensuel envoyé en milieu du mois
- - 3 - Public Health, our annual conference
Communications regarding our annual conference | Correspondance concernant la conférence annuelle
Stay informed about the latest public health news by choosing to subscribe to all or some of our mailing lists.
Credit Card
Billing Name and Address
Member Profile
N.B. If you are a student, unemployed, in-transition, or retired, indicate your past or anticipated profession.
CPHA maintains a pool of mentors for its Mentorship Program. Mentors are established public health professionals with 10 or more years of work experience in the field. The expectation is that mentors will meet (virtually or in person for 45-60 minutes per meeting) with a mentee with similar interests on a monthly basis over the course of a six-month period. May we contact you to participate in this program?
Are you an early career professional, i.e. within the first 10 years of your public health career?